2 Big Cats & a Bird...


 "P II" 


 "L II" 

 I was fairly busy on these 2 guys. A little strange for me to work on canvases smaller than usual, but all good fun. I wanted to get back on another Africa theme.. 

Then I got distracted, and at present on the ole easel is the beginnings of a hummingbird. I hope it works out. I hope I do it justice.  

The weather is so very hot, that painting has taken a little back seat. It's the sort of weather to do nothing but melt. I do aim to have the little bird complete in the next few days though. 









She has arrived, after weeks of waiting on drying times, and building up layers.. "Jarka I" is here. I'm very pleased with the result after quite a few rocky moments. I plan to work on several more portraits of my muse, including some new nudes. Presently researching portrait competitions to enter this piece into. Who knows, luck may be on my side?

Nude 1

Pretty happy to have finished this and with the result. My first play with oils. It has been a quite a learning curve, and I can't wait to get started on new work asap. In other news, tomorrow I take my painting to a new gallery. Exciting times...




and start over...

So, after of telling my little head to do it, I have taken the plunge into the world of oils. What a fantastically challenging world it far. Such a learning curve. And beautifully messy. For the past few days I have been working on this figurative piece. The forthcoming months will be all about figurative work ( nudes), and discovering new techniques with oils. Quite a jump away from acrylics and animals. If I can progress and portray what I have in my head...there will be some great canvases produced. Beautiful...


This and that...

It has been a funny old week ( or so..). I started on a small painting of a fox, but this only resulted in me having a wobble and almost unable to understand my paint, brushes..putting any image together. I decided to take a stepback and ditch painting anything for a few days. During this time, I put myself on Saatchi art. Fingers, toes & curlies all crossed that this will give me some form of exposure. ' Z ' also sold, and this evening trotted off to his new home in London Town where from what I am told, he will be deeply loved.

and so,

Today, I got back on the painting wagon..and any uncertainties seem to have evaporated. My mojo was fairly happy and confident again. For sometime I have not been terribly happy with a gorilla painting I completed at the end of last year. At several points I have thought about painting over it...but today I got stuck in and completely reworked him. Very pleased with the textures I got down, and the big fella has a lot more strength. He is in the shop...and will be put on Saatchi too.

Following on from that I got stuck into a new canvas, and this ( in my peanut head ) will be an Osprey. The aim is to have him look as though flying down from the corner of the canvas. Quite a challenge in that birds aren't often something I would paint..but I fancy the challenge and if the painting comes together it will be striking.

I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow.

Also in the pipeline are another cow and somemore nudes. Time to keep the creative process flowing..