Coo IV


Pretty thrilled that this big guy sold on Saatchi. I had almost resigned myself to never getting a sale on Saatchi, due to the serious amount of art on there (I think the term "saturated" is frequently banded about?). Even more thrilled that he will be making his way to Denver, Colorado. The Coos seem to always get a bit of attention, so it's time to get busy and start a new one. 



I also finished Bo some weeks ago and his owner took delivery of the painting. It was particularly poignant, as poor Bo was put to sleep a few days after I completed the painting due to illness. Cracking pooch that I was honoured to paint. 

 In coming weeks I'm going to be working on some oil paintings. Figurative stuff. Portraits and the like. Quite looking forward to getting messy 😊

A wee trip...

I have been a bit low key of late...mainly as I had a lovely trip back to the homeland. This gave me the opportunity to take a few photos that I may use in a large scale landscape? We will see. Whilst there, I received news that my 2 gallery pieces had sold. Pretty over the moon about that, and it would appear they went to the same home? So, my 3 favourite pieces have left to be loved elsewhere these past 3 weeks. Great beginnings.

Busy working on the osprey canvas and have some great new ideas in prep. Over the next few days i will prime the canvases and great drawing. If...IF...they transform on canvas ( what I have rattling about in my head ), I think they will be really dynamic paintings. Can't wait to get started...